Congratulations Beth!

Huge congratulations to our Lead Receptionist Beth who, after 12 months of study and assessment, has passed her Vetpol course to become a Special Qualified Person (SQP). Beth’s course covered the basics around veterinary medicines regulation, storage, distribution and the fundamentals around disease management with a special focus on companion animals. Course content also included in-depth learning around parasites and parasite prevention. Learning is ongoing, as to retain their Vetpol SQP qualification, students need to complete and log a minimum of three hours of approved training each year.

Beth’s new qualification is already making a big difference to our service on reception. She can now advise and put up flea, tick and worming product, can double sign medications to help with storage and dispensing efficiencies and no longer needs to defer to a clinician around parasitics which means reception team need to spend less time off desk. Here’s Beth with her new certificate. We can’t wait to see her new badge when it arrives!

Categories: News
Published: 19, Oct, 2023