Cool cats!

Following on from yesterday’s ‘Heat Alert’ post, we thought it would be a great idea for today’s feline Friday Facebook post to focus specifically on how to help keep cats cool in hot weather. There are heaps of things we as owners can do!

Making sure cats have access to lots of fresh water stations dotted around the house is really important. Avoid plastic bowls in hot weather as the plastic can taint the taste of the water. Always keep water topped up so cats don’t need to dip their heads right into the bowl and, like us, cats like their water to be cold. Many cats like running water, so investing in a pet water fountain like the one our practice manager Rachel’s cat is using here is a great idea for encouraging cats to drink.

A fan indoors is a great way to circulate air and help cool rooms down, but don’t direct it directly at their bed!

Cats should have access to plenty of shade indoors and outside. Bushes and shrubs are perfect shade providers, and you can make your own garden sun shelters from something as simple as a cardboard box placed on its side.

Did you know that cats with white fur can be susceptible to sun burn? And that this can lead to skin cancer? Try to keep them indoors at the hottest times of day, and apply pet friendly sunblock (human suncream can contain toxins which are harmful to cats) to the tips of their ears and their nose (where the fur is thinnest) to help them stay safe in the sun. Give us a ring on 01922 411755 for advice.

Watch the cat charity Cats Protection’s short video Cool for Cats for more great ideas on protecting our cats against the heat this summer.

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Published: 29, May, 2020