Cosy bunnies!

It’s really important we keep outdoor pet rabbits dry and warm in winter, as damp and draughts can be deadly. Literally. For today’s advent feature, here are some brilliant tips from the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) for keeping rabbits safe and cosy this winter:

  • Keep rabbits in pairs for companionship and cosiness!
  • Insulate the hutch and stop water bottles from freezing
    • Put old blankets/ duvets over the hutch and cover the hutch and run with tarpaulin
    • Use silver-backed beach mats for insulation
    • Add perspex sheets to the front of hutches and around runs. Great weather-proofing and bunnies can still see out. Leave a small gap around the top for ventilation
    • Add a cardboard box to the bedroom area and fill with dry hay or straw
    • Consider a garden shed as a hutch-alternative. Dry, warmer, more spacious, easier to clean 
    • Wrap water bottles in bubble-wrap and a thermal sock or glove
    • Suspend a plant pot from the side of the cage and put the water bottle inside
  • Protect exercise areas 
    • Bunnies must still be able to exercise over the winter period, and at the very least, should have tarpaulin over their run to protect from rain and snow
    • Consider housing rabbits in a garden shed – lots of space to run around under cover


Check rabbits at least 3 times a day

    • Is their hutch or shed water-tight?
    • Is bedding dry and deep?
    • Have they access to fresh water and hay?

If your rabbit is old or poorly, they may be best inside. See RWAF’s website or speak to us for advice on bringing rabbits indoors.

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Published: 20, Dec, 2018