Cosy toes!

If your cat comes in for surgery, we’re really careful about working to keep your feline friend’s body temperature up. Risk of hypothermia during anaesthesia is a big concern, as it can lead to complications and delay recovery.

Paws are an obvious source of heat loss, so for today’s Feline Friday post, we wanted to share a photo of these fabulous socks used in theatre yesterday to keep a cat’s feet nice and toasty! We do realise we’re a bit premature with the festive theme (still 104 shopping days until Christmas!), but they were too cute to miss! Other ways we help maintain a good body temperature are by using a forced-air warming system called a Bair Hugger® underneath the patient’s body and if necessary, we’ll insulate patients using blankets and even bubble wrap too!

We do love our pet socks. If you have any baby socks that you are looking to re-home, please think of us!

Categories: News
Published: 11, Sep, 2020