Could your dog be a lifesaver?

We’ve been hosting Pet Blood Bank UK doggy blood donation sessions at 387 Vets since 2012, and it’s been amazing seeing so many doggy heroes come through our doors, knowing that every successful blood donation could potentially save up to four other dogs’ lives.

The current climate has been challenging for blood collection with stock levels, at times, becoming critical. Understandably, many collection sessions have seen reduced attendance and diminished collection success. With this in mind, Pet Blood Bank UK would love to grow their pool of amazing doggy donors and are appealing to owners of happy, confident dogs who meet their donor criteria, to consider registering them as Pet Blood Bank Donors. Criteria for becoming a donor includes:

  • Being fit and healthy.
  • Being aged between one and eight years old
  • Weighing more than 25kg
  • Having a good temperament
  • Having never travelled abroad
  • Being up to date on vaccinations
  • Not taking any medication.

Would you be interested in your dog becoming a Pet Blood Bank UK doggy donor hero? If so, Pet Blood Bank would love to hear from you. For more information and to register your dog, click on the link below.

Read about Teasel, featured in the photo, for an example of the difference a blood donation can make:

Teasel very sadly passed away earlier this year and her owner Simon got in touch with Pet Blood Bank to say thank you. This is because Teasel had a lifesaving blood transfusion when she was 9 years old, giving Simon and his family a further five and a half happy years with their beloved dog. Teasel had suffered from Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia and as her body kept destroying its own red blood cells, a blood transfusion became her last hope. The transfusion was a success and along with a programme of steroids, Teasel made a full recovery. 

Teasel’s owner Simon said, ‘After recovering, Teasel continued to have a wonderful life, giving our family much more happiness, until the time came to let her go earlier this year, aged 13 years 10 months. We miss her hugely, but we are so grateful to those considerate owners and their dogs that donate to the blood bank. I did not know Pet Blood Bank existed until Teasel’s time of need. Thank goodness they were there, and thank you for your priceless donation of blood.’ 

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Published: 2, Sep, 2020