Doggies still donating!

Think your dog would make a great doggy blood donor? But concerned they might not manage to donate if you’re not there with them under current covid restrictions? Read Rannoch’s story shared by Pet Blood Bank this week, as inspiration to all budding doggy donors out there!

Rannoch is a typical young, working type Labrador who is very strong and quite lively at times. He is the fourth dog of his owner Elaine’s to become a blood donor with Pet Blood Bank. This meant Elaine was in the fortunate position of knowing exactly what happens during a donation session and was able to ensure that Rannoch was as prepared as possible. However, Rannoch’s first donation fell during the Coronavirus restrictions and so, he had to donate without Elaine by his side. To prepare him, Elaine did plenty of training and, because of his confident nature, knew he would be happy to go in without her.

Elaine said, ‘I was completely comfortable allowing Rannoch to go into the donation session alone. He is a very confident, happy young dog who loves people. I also have complete trust in the team and was confident that they would look after him and stop the procedure if he was upset or unsettled.’

Elaine continued, ‘I was so proud of him when they brought him back to me telling me how well he had done and that he had given a full unit. We are delighted that Rannoch is happy to continue in the pawprints of our older dogs and can be a lifesaver for Pet Blood Bank.’

Gorgeous Rannoch is evidence that happy, confident dogs can make great lifesaving donors even if mum or dad can’t come in with them. Every full unit of blood donated can help save up to 4 dogs’ lives.

Pet Blood Bank are always excited to welcome new donors. Think your four legged friend could join Rannoch and become a Pet Blood Bank doggy donor? Click here to find out more!

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Published: 1, Mar, 2021