Doggy blood donors needed! Can you help?

A huge thank you to all the doggy heroes who came to the July Pet Blood Bank session at 387 Vets. 13 dogs attended and the Pet Blood Bank team were able to collect 10 units of blood which will potentially save the lives of up to 40 dogs!

Pet Blood Bank UK are urgently looking to recruit more negative donors to be able to keep up with demand for DEA 1 Negative blood. From their research, they’ve found that only 30% of the larger dog breeds that donate type as DEA 1 Negative. It can be a real challenge to ensure there’s enough negative blood stock to meet the needs of the veterinary profession.

Breeds that more commonly (though not exclusively) type as DEA 1 Negative are listed in the poster above.

Do you own one of these breeds? Would you be interested in registering your dog to become a canine blood donor? If so, please get in touch!

You can find out more and register your dog on Pet Blood Bank’s website, or give us a call on 01922 411755.

Categories: News
Published: 7, Aug, 2019