From the start of the year we have adopted an ‘early’ neutering policy with cats. Traditionally cats have not been neutered before 6 months of age but, with increased research and anaesthetic developments, we believe that the benefits of neutering earlier (at 4-5 months of age) outway the risks. Maggie Roberts at Cats Protection explains: “The key to population control is neutering cats before they reach puberty, which can occur as early as 4 months, so we should be aiming to neuter most cats at this age.”

Numerous studies have proved there are no long term negative consequences. The benefits include fewer unwanted pregnancies, fewer womb infections and mammary tumours, less risk to bleeding at the time of surgery and faster recovery following surgery. Here at 387 Vets we have seen several pregnant cats at 6-7 months of age because the owners ‘hadn’t got round to neutering them yet’. For  more information please read the cat group’s policy statement at

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Published: 30, Mar, 2011