Easter warning

This is two year old Poppy feeling very sorry for herself after being brought in to the vets because she’d sneakily eaten a healthy portion of grapes. Just a small amount of grapes can be very toxic to dogs and cause kidney failure. Fortunately, Poppy’s owner  noticed the missing grapes from her shopping and brought Poppy straight to see us. We were able to make her sick – which ultimately made her better, but she didn’t feel too good going home!

Whilst we don’t traditionally link grapes with Easter, hot cross buns and Easter Cake contain raisins and sultanas (dried grapes) and currants so should not be fed to dogs. Other foods to keep out of reach are chocolate, sweets (bad for teeth and certain additives can be poisonous), and foods that are showing signs of mould. Mould can attack the nervous system and cause seizures.

Remember too that many indoor houseplants, bulbs and outdoor plants can be toxic.

Call the practice on 01922 411755 for advice if you are worried that your pet may have eaten any of the above. Better to be safe than sorry.




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Published: 15, Apr, 2017