Festive food alert

Poor Willow came straight down to see us on Friday after her owner noticed the 9 month old dachshund had eaten some raisins. Raisins, grapes, sultanas and currants are all potentially poisonous to dogs and for some dogs, they only need to eat a small amount to become very poorly. Ingestion can cause gut and kidney problems and sadly, in some cases, even death.

We gave Willow an injection to make her sick – you can see from her photo that we gently tied her ears back from her face to keep them out of the way. Willow brought up 30 raisins, and we’re delighted that she has had no further issues.

Given the time of year, with mince pies, Christmas cake and raisin and sultana-laden sweet treats in our homes, this is a pertinent reminder to keep these foods out of canine reach.

If you do suspect your dog may have eaten something they shouldn’t, please call us on 01922 411755, or refer to the symptom checker on our website to find out whether you need to see a vet urgently.

Categories: News
Published: 20, Dec, 2021