Fireworks and pets

It’s very nearly bonfire night which means fireworks parties are in the offing too. Whilst fun for many of us, the bangs and flashes can be really scary for our pets. Here are some top tips for helping our furry friends to stay calm this fireworks season:


Find out dates of local displays. Walk dogs earlier in the day to avoid getting caught out. Plan toilet trips carefully if you know fireworks are planned locally.

Keep dogs in the living room or in a family space and turn on the TV to give some background noise. Close curtains to muffle sound and block out flashing lights.

Consider making a dog den a couple of days in advance where you dog can snuggle safely and feel secure. It could be a dog bed behind the sofa, with a blanket over the top acting as a canopy. Or if you use a portable kennel, put in the centre of the room away from any windows and drape blankets over the tops and sides to help muffle noise and to create an enclosed safe space. Put familiar bedding inside as familiar scents are comforting, and leave toys handy as these can act as a distraction.

Pheromone diffusers or pheromone spray on pet bedding can help to reduce pet stress.

Stay calm! If you are stressed, pets will pick this up and it can make them more anxious.


Keep cats in and make sure windows are closed and cat flaps shut to prevent cats slipping outside. If your cat is microchipped. check contact details are up to date incase your cat does accidentally get out and goes off to hide.

Have extra litter trays on hand.

Leave doors open so that cats can hide easily in their safe space. This could be under a duvet, under a bed or chest of drawers – your cat will know! You can even make your cat a little den – a cardboard box filled with familiar bedding may just be perfect!

Leave cats be if they go to hide. Trying to coax them out will potentially create more stress.

Small furries

Don’t forget rabbits and guinea pigs! Bring them in to a cool garage or shed (nowhere too warm) and place blankets or towels over their hutch to block out unwanted noise.

Supply lots of extra bedding so that your small furries can burrow down.

Putting the radio on can help, and provide toys and nibble sticks as a distraction

If you need any further advice on looking after pets during the fireworks season, do give us a ring on 01922 411755 and speak to one of our team or pop into practice for one of our information packs.

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Published: 1, Nov, 2022