Fly strike alert with the warm weather continuing

It’s gorgeous outside, but the hot weather can make rabbits more susceptible to a horrific condition called fly strike. If a rabbit’s bottom is not clean, flies can be attracted to it and lay eggs which then hatch into maggots. These feed on the rabbit’s flesh which is very painful and can potentially be fatal.

This photo of the Rabbit Welfare & Fund’s Flystrike poster from our Rabbit Awareness Week display gives great advice on preventing fly strike from occurring. Keeping rabbits clean and checking their bottoms morning and evening could just save their life.

Don’t forget, we’re supporting Rabbit Awareness Week all June, so if you haven’t already, do pop in for a free rabbit health check and goodie bag. Give us a ring on 01922 411755 to book.

Categories: News
Published: 26, Jun, 2018