Flystrike alert

With the warmer weather, please be especially vigilant if you have pet rabbits as flystrike is more prevalent in the summer months.

Flystike is when flies lay eggs on your rabbit, the eggs hatch into maggots and then eat into your rabbit’s flesh. It can happen very quickly – within 24 hours – and can quickly cause death. This photo shows maggots from a case we had in practice. The maggots were so active you could see the sawdust moving about on the consulting room table as they wriggled in search of food.

Flies are attracted to soiled fur and dirty bedding. To help prevent flystrike, The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) recommend checking rabbits bottoms for signs of fly strike at least twice daily in summer months, cleaning away any urine or faeces from bottoms and drying the area. Bear in mind that if your rabbit is a little overweight, they may not be able to clean themselves as effectively. If your rabbit suffers from arthritis, ask us about treatment to reduce discomfort and improve mobility.

It’s important to ensure the rabbit’s environment is kept clean so any dirty litter or bedding should be removed. If your rabbit’s poo is unusually runny, please give us a call for advice as not only is runny poo more likely to attract flies but your rabbit may need a change in diet.

If you suspect your rabbit is suffering from flystrike, it’s vital you seek veterinary help immediately as, not only is the condition painful and distressing, but pets can deteriorate rapidly.

For more information about flyStrike, visit RWAF’s website.

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Published: 24, Jun, 2024