We’re focusing on rabbits this month!

It’s June which means Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) is fast approaching! This year it’s taking place between 17th to 25th of this month, and the idea behind it is to promote great rabbit health. In celebration, we’re running free rabbit health checks with our qualified veterinary nurses all this month (with a free goodie bag for bunny!) and we’re offering 1/3 off rabbit neutering too. Neutering helps reduce – and often eradicate – negative behaviours, it prevents unwanted babies and protects against certain cancers too.  If you’re not planning to breed, it’s definitely something we recommend.

And here are 6 great reasons you should come to us!

  1. Peace and quiet: All rabbits are hospitalised in our dog-free ward upstairs to reduce stress
  2. Safer anaesthetic: Our rabbit anaesthetics are the same as for dogs and cats, with gas administered via a tube into the lungs. This means we can easily adjust anaesthetic levels as necessary during surgery. We do not use injectable anaesthetic, where you have no control
  3. Heat therapy: During surgery, we place rabbits on our Bair Hugger, an inflatable bed filled with a continually circulating flow of warm air, to maintain their body temperature. This is especially important for rabbits as they can struggle to control their own body temperature and can suffer from hypothermia. Staying warm improves recovery time too
  4. Fluid therapy: Fluids are administered throughout surgery to stabilise blood pressure and keep your rabbit hydrated
  5. Pain relief is given during and post surgery as standard – it’s not an extra
  6. Your rabbit will be monitored before, during and after surgery by a qualified veterinary nurse, so you know your rabbit is receiving the best nursing care

To book, or for further information, call us on 01922 411755.

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Published: 6, Jun, 2017