Free rabbit health checks and the chance to win a cuddly bunny!

Did you know, it’s national Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) from 2nd – 10th June? At 387 Vets, we’re running free nurse-led rabbit health checks all month in support of RAW. Book your rabbit in for a health MOT, find out more about rabbit husbandry and how to keep your rabbit happy and healthy and, in response to RAW’s ‘Move away from Muesli’ focus for 2018, we’ll advise you on the best nutritional balance for great rabbit health. And your rabbit will get a goodie bag too! Call 01922 411755 to book!

Muesli-style diets are unhealthy for lots of reasons: they can increase the risk of digestive problems, can cause rabbits to become overweight (rabbits, if given the choice, will selectively pick out the tastiest bits from the muesli!) and can also increase the risk of fly strike (where flies are attracted to faeces around an animal’s bottom, lay eggs, and the subsequent maggots then feed off the animal’s flesh) because the rabbit droppings are less well formed and can accumulate around the rabbit’s bottom. In addition, rabbits on muesli-style diets can be more prone to dental disease and overgrown teeth from lack of fibre and chewing activity.

This year, we’d also like to support bunnies that don’t have homes as well as those that do! Pop into practice and take part in our charity ‘Guess the name of the bunny’ competition. It’s £1 a go, and you could win this gorgeous rabbit to take home! All money raised will be donated to Animal Welfare, who do an amazing job fostering and finding ownerless rabbits new forever homes.

Work with us to support your rabbit and other rabbits too!









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Published: 4, Jun, 2018