It’s day 4 of Guinea Pig Awareness Week, or GPAW! Steggy and Rex, who were in for a check up here earlier this month, make perfect pin ups for today’s GPAW focus which is on Companionship.

Guinea pigs love the company of other guinea pigs and should ideally have a guinea pig friend to keep them company. Burgess Excel, GPAW’s hosts, recommend pairs or groups of same sex guinea pigs and that litter mates make the best companions. Girls and boys can live together, but it’s important to ensure the male is neutered first to avoid lots of surprise babies!

Visit GPAW’s Facebook or Instagram pages for more information on encouraging happy and harmonious guinea pig friendship! You’ll also find loads of great advice on accommodation, bedding, diet and behaviour – topics which have already been covered this week. Keep checking back as the pages are constantly being updated with new posts and fab competitions!

Categories: News
Published: 25, Mar, 2021