Generation Pup-tastic!

A big hello to gorgeous puppy Albin who was in this morning for his 4 month free nurse-led puppy clinic. Albin is not just any puppy! Having seen our Facebook post from 13th August about the Generation Pup project run by The Dogs Trust and Bristol University, Albin’s mum and dad have registered him to become a Generation Pup himself! So as well as having his free weight, health and puppy advice clinic today, Albin was here to be checked for any heart murmur so that we could complete Generation Pup’s Heart Murmur record card. Here he is having a heart check with Hamish – in between puppy licks and cuddles!

The Generation Pup project follows lots of dogs over the course of their lifetime to help investigate how health, environment, family, behaviour, experiences and events in puppyhood can influence the development of certain health or behavioural conditions later in life. Research will help with understanding why problems develop, and may lead to preventative measures or new treatments and therapies to better support the health of our four-legged friends as they age.

Interested in registering your puppy to be part of potentially life-changing research? Click here for more information.

Categories: News
Published: 11, Sep, 2019