Grape, raisin and sultana alert!

‘Tis the season for dried fruit-laden tasty Christmas goodies! So behind today’s advent calendar window (5th December), we’re raising awareness about the danger of grapes, raisins and sultanas which are toxic to dogs.
It’s not known why or exactly what quantities are toxic as some dogs have been unwell after eating very small amounts, and others have eaten large quantities to no ill effect. We strongly advise keeping all mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and similar treats well out of reach. Much better to be safe than sorry, as in addition to potential tummy upset, these fruits can cause kidney failure which can be fatal.
Please phone us immediately for advice if your think your dog has indulged. This photo is of poor Teddy who we were able to make sick in order to bring up some grapes he had eaten.
TVM-UK have a great online resource for pet owners on Common Pet Poisons (including grapes and raisins) to help us keep our pets safe all year round.
Here’s their advice on what to do if your pet has eaten poison/ something that is deemed poisonous to them:
Don’t wait for symptoms. S.P.E.E.D is of the essence!
S – Stop your pet from eating any more
P – Phone the vets
E – Emergency appointment – you may be asked you to bring your pet straight down
E – Evidence – bring labels/ samples (safely)
D – Don’t delay!


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Published: 5, Dec, 2018