It’s International Walk Your Dog Month!

Did you know that January is International Walk Your Dog month? A great reason to make a point of getting out and about with your four legged friend to help burn off any Christmas excess. That applies to our dogs too!

Pet obesity is a growing problem in the UK. In a survey carried out by the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association in 2018 where 277 vets were asked about pet obesity, vets confirmed that 51% of dogs are overweight or obese, a 6% rise from 2015’s survey. The health implications can be serious, from painful joints from the strain of carrying excess weight, to heart disease, diabetes and respiratory issues and significantly reduced life expectancy.

Keeping active an important part of helping our pets to stay trim and healthy and is great for our own physical and mental health too, especially in the current climate when gyms are closed and we’re socially restricted.

Why not set a goal this January of taking your four legged friend on a brand new walk? Cannock Chase promises 26 square miles of heathland, forest and historic parkland and is just a stone’s throw away. Click here for a whole range of new walking adventures. We hope you and your dog have fun!

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Published: 4, Jan, 2021