Hamish back from Morocco

Hamish and Mule

Hamish is back at work today after an amazing week trekking in the High Atlas of Morocco with fellow vet Glen Cousquer. They reached 3912m, where the air was quite thin. So both were very grateful that much of their kit and food was carried by a mule.  Glen currently spends most of the year based in the mountains, an hour and a half outside Marrakech, promoting and improving welfare for the mules. His current projects include introducing a more humane tethering system that does not damage the mules’ legs, enforcing loading limits on how much mules can carry (all the tour companies that arrange for tourists to go trekking in Morocco have pledged their support) and encouraging use of head collars instead of distressing traditional mouth bits to control the mules. You can visit https://www.facebook.com/KasbahMules to find out more.