Happy ever after

We heard about gorgeous little Lola’s story when she came in to 387 Vets for a general check up and for her skin condition to be treated. The King Charles spaniel had been brought into a nearby groomers in a terrible state. Her coat was dirty and matted and she was covered in her own mess. The groomer was so upset by Lola’s condition that when her owner came to collect her, the groomer offered to buy Lola to ensure that she would be cared for properly. Thankfully her owner accepted.

This is Lola’s groomer – her guardian angel – bringing her in to see us. On examination, we could see that Lola’s skin was sore from having been in contact with her soiled coat for so long, so we prescribed treatment to alleviate the soreness and to help Lola get back into great condition. She is going to live with a family member of the groomer who rescued her, where we know she will be very well looked after. We wish you all the best, beautiful Lola, in your new loving forever home.

Categories: News
Published: 25, Oct, 2021