Happy World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is an annual event specifically designed to get people talking about the topic, to let people know that it’s ok to ask for help and that there is a whole raft of support out there for anyone struggling. Mental health is a particularly hot topic in the veterinary world given the emotional challenges of the job on a daily basis, so we’re especially focused on team wellbeing at 387 Vets and in creating a positive work culture. We place a strong emphasis on inclusivity, mutual respect, support and compassion towards each other, and we do love our long coffee breaks, team socials and snacky Fridays!

Outside work there are lots of things we can do as individuals to improve how we feel. Exercising, connecting with friends, taking up a new hobby or joining a new club, cooking a new recipe, spending time outside, actively noticing the changing seasons and the environment around us and doing a good deed for someone can all help to put a spring in our step. Perhaps one of our favourites, though, is taking time out of the day for pet cuddles and play. Here is our Practice Manager Rachel getting her daily dose of dog hugs!

Categories: News
Published: 10, Oct, 2023