Help for aches and pains in senior pets

Older pets can be prone to aches and pains from joint deterioration and general wear and tear and colder weather can make any discomfort much more acute. Signs our four legged friends may be suffering include reduced activity, sleeping more, stiffness or increased slowness in getting up after resting, a reluctance to use the stairs or to jump up onto beds or sofas and less enthusiasm to be fussed or to play. If this sounds familiar, please do give us a ring because there are lots of ways we can support your pets with pain management and help put a spring back in their step!

This is beautiful 12 year old sprocker Maisie who started on special monthly pain-inhibiting injections last July as she was increasingly struggling with her mobility. Maisie’s owner noticed a big change after just the first injection, describing the sprocker as more like her 8 year old self! This is Maisie in for her latest injection yesterday. Her owners are delighted at her increased bounciness and playfulness since being on the treatment. And as Maisie suffers from a sensitive tummy, this is much better for her than her previous anti-inflammatory medication. Better all-round wellbeing and quality of life! We look forward to hearing how Maisie is getting on at her next appointment!

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Published: 25, Jan, 2024