How are your pet’s teeth?

Did you know that February is Pet Dental Health Month? And that yesterday was National Toothache Day?! It’s a great reminder to be vigilant about our pet’s oral health as our four-legged friends can be great at hiding pain.

This photo is of a dog with a discoloured, bruised tooth. It’s likely to have been caused by a bump or a tug from over-vigorous play. The picture shows the dog’s mouth after plaque removal, scale and polishing and just before extraction of the bruised tooth, as unfortunately leaving a tooth like this in situ can lead to chronic pain and tooth root abscess.

Have you spotted any damaged teeth in your pet’s mouth? Has your pet’s eating behaviour changed? Are they excessively drooling? Does their breath smell? If so, best to get your pet checked with a vet!

Our vet Selenia is one of just 20 veterinary surgeons undertaking a brand new postgraduate certificate in pet dentistry. If you’re worried your pet may have dental trouble, call us on 01922 411755 and ask for an appointment with Selenia to get your pet back to enjoying optimum dental health!

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Published: 10, Feb, 2020