How to remove a tick

Following on from our last post about ticks and tick prevention, we thought it would be useful to explain how to remove a tick should you find one on your pet. Even if your pet is fully up to date with their preventative tick treatment, a tick can still latch on before the treatment takes effect.

It’s really important that you don’t pull the tick to remove it. The head can remain embedded in your pet’s skin, leading to potential infection.

The easiest way to remove a tick is using a tick hook – we stock them here and you should be able to get one at most vets or pet shops. Hook the device carefully under the tick’s shoulders, between the tick and your pet’s fur (remember, the head will be lodged in your pet’s skin). Then you simply twist the hook round as though you are unscrewing the tick. This removes the whole tick rather than just part of it. Watch our video on our Facebook page for a demonstration!

Categories: News
Published: 5, Aug, 2019