Important rabbit vaccination information

rabbit vaccine

Following on from our recent rabbit themed posts, we’d like to raise awareness that there has been a new strain of viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD) identified in the UK, a type 2 strain, which is not covered by the current myxomatosis/ VHD vaccine. There have been a few outbreaks in the UK. Whilst mortality rates are lower in rabbits contracting VHD2 we still recommend vaccination.

Vaccination should be in addition to your rabbit’s normal booster, not instead of. We recommend leaving a minimum of 1 month between your rabbit receiving their normal vaccine and the new VHD type 2 strain vaccine.

The new VHD2 vaccine is being imported from France and stocks are limited. We do have a number of doses in the practice.  Please do get in touch with us to register your interest, and we will endeavour to vaccinate your rabbit as soon as possible.




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Published: 8, Jul, 2016