Increasing our lap spay capacity

We’ve performed 110 lap spays at 387 Vets since we first started offering the procedure last year. With lap spays now accounting for over 70% of our female neuterings, we’re training more vets to be able to carry out the procedure so that we can offer greater availability of lap spay appointments. This is Sam coaching Olga. Key hole surgery is very different to normal operating as you do everything by watching what’s going on inside the patient on a screen!

Laparoscopic spays involve less trauma than normal spays which means recovery time is quicker and less post op pain relief is required. Dogs can get back to off lead exercising just 48 hours post-op. Particularly useful if you have a very bouncy dog! To find out more about lap spays, visit our website or give us a ring on 01922 411755 to speak to one of our team.

Categories: News
Published: 13, Jun, 2024