Itchy season!

With summer just around the corner, we’re starting to see more pets in practice with allergy issues. Many pets can have adverse affects to polllen, with typical signs including biting or licking at paws, frequent scratching, itchy red skin around eyes, ears and paws, head shaking and frequent rubbing of faces and ears in an attempt to ease the itch. If any of these behaviours or symptoms sound familiar, please give us a ring on 01922 411755 as welcome relief is at hand!

We’re coming into grass seed season too which can also cause considerable irritation to pets. If grass awns become lodged in the skin, they can cause painful sores and swellings. In the past, we’ve extracted seeds from paws, but also from ear cavities, throats and noses!

Grooming dogs after countryside walks will help to remove loose seeds in coats and could prevent an unforeseen visit to the vets!

Categories: News
Published: 24, May, 2024