It’s Guinea Pig Awareness Week!

Today marks the first day of the first ever Guinea Pig Awareness Week (GPAW)! Huge thanks to gorgeous guinea pig Alister, who was in to see Sam for a check up recently, for helping us to promote the initiative which runs from 22nd to 28th March.

Guinea pigs may be small in size but they still need lots of care and attention. GPAW hosts Burgess Excel are dedicating a whole week to helping owners learn more about how best to help their guinea pigs thrive and have a long, healthy and happy life. Check out GPAW’s Facebook page and Instagram for advice and handy tips and tricks on the five welfare needs of guinea pigs, with a new topic covered daily from Monday to Friday this week. Look out for fab competitions too!

Today’s focus is all about guinea pig diet. Learn about balanced diet, healthy treats, what guinea pigs shouldn’t eat, how to forage for your pet’s food, the importance of hay and more!

To find out more about GPAW, for a schedule of this week’s topics and to download a free guinea pig owners’ pack, click here. Happy GPAW to all guinea pigs out there!

Categories: News
Published: 22, Mar, 2021