It’s officially Rabbit Awareness Week!

This week is Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW). Don’t forget, we’re offering 1/3 off our rabbit neutering prices until this Friday in support of this year’s RAW. And book in for a free rabbit health and dental check with one of our qualified nurses this week, and take away a free goodie bag too!

The theme of 2022’s RAW is ‘Room for Rabbits’ and there’s some great information about rabbit housing (indoor and outdoor) and welfare around living space on the Rabbit Awareness Action Group’s website. Rabbits should be able to lie stretched out and to be able to hop at least three times so they can exhibit all their natural behaviours, like running, jumping, digging, foraging and rearing up. Click here to find out more! As well as an appropriate physical environment, rabbits are sociable creatures and love rabbit companionship. Fun fact: did you know that a group of wild bunnies is known as a colony, a herd or alternatively, a fluffle. We love fluffle!

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Published: 28, Jun, 2022