Join the Generation Pup community!

This is gorgeous springer puppy Florry who was in at 387 Vets recently for her puppy vaccinations. Florry is particularly special as she is contributing to ‘Generation Pup’, the first big study following dogs of all breeds throughout the whole of their lifetime.

Funded by The Dogs Trust and run in conjunction with the University of Bristol, the project is designed to collect information about puppies’ environment, family, health, behaviour, experiences and events, with a view to gathering lots of information about a whole generation of dogs across the UK. This data will be used to investigate whether events in early life influence the development of certain health or behavioural conditions as dogs get older. Results from the study may suggest preventative measures that can be put in place to improve the wellbeing of our four-legged friends, or lead to new supportive treatments and therapies.

Florry became a member of the Generation Pup community after her owners heard about it on the news. Could your puppy contribute to potentially life-changing research? The Dogs Trust are inviting all UK-resident owners of puppies under 16 weeks old to register for the scheme to help inform positive change. Basic participation involves completing questionnaires about your dog throughout the span of their life. The more puppies contributing to the scheme, the greater the relevance of the results!

Click here to find out more, and to sign up your puppy to join Florry!

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Published: 13, Aug, 2019