Keeping patients safe in theatre

Did you know that when your pet comes in for an operation, that we have special equipment in theatre to enable us to measure blood pressure, heart rate and carbon dioxide concentration during respiration? And that at 387 Vets and The West Midlands Cat Clinic, a fully qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse monitors all patients under anaesthesia which is not the case in all veterinary practices? This is to ensure that your pet is kept as comfortable and as safe as possible under anaesthesia, and that any changes in a patient’s condition can be responded to quickly.

This is our RVN Lauren assisting in theatre this week, and sporting our brand new nursing team theatre scrubs! Following qualification as an RVN with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2019, Lauren completed a Nursing Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care, taking on extra locum shifts at an out of hours practice to gain further supportive experience. The 18 month course, with over 130 hours of private study, emphasised the importance of monitoring patient change, no matter how small, as well as increasing nursing care and triaging skills. Lauren is a great addition to our qualified nursing team, all of whom are rostered for theatre responsibilities on a weekly basis. Your pets are in safe experienced hands!

Categories: News
Published: 18, May, 2023