Local VHD2 rabbit deaths confirmed

Image above is a screenshot of a recent post on the ‘Myxomatosis and VHD Map’ Facebook page.

Following on from our July post, sadly there have now been confirmed cases of rabbits dying from VHD2 in Hednesford and Lichfield. This relatively new strain of  Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) is just as easily contracted as VHD. And although mortality rates are lower, it’s still a potential outcome.

The only way to protect your rabbit against contracting the VHD2 virus is with a VHD2 vaccination. This is a separate injection to your rabbit’s annual booster. We strongly recommend both.

To encourage maximum protection uptake, we are now offering the rabbit booster (which covers VHD and myxomatosis) and VHD2 injections for a combined price of £49 when booked together. Normal price is £60 if booked separately.
VHD2 injections need to be given a minimum of 2 weeks before or after a booster (or as a stand-alone injection). We’re currently vaccinating against VHD2 before boosters given the VHD2 threat.
To learn more about VHD2 – and VHD (VHD is the same as RHD which stands for Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease) – the FAQ section on Harcourt Brown’s website is a really useful resource. You’ll find out about differences between the VHD variants, how they are contracted, vaccination and reducing the risk of contamination.

Do be aware that indoor rabbits are not immune to VHD and the VHD2 strain. Please ensure they are covered too to prevent unnecessary heartache.



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Published: 8, Sep, 2017