Make your pet’s teeth a priority!

Pet Dental Health Month traditionally takes place in February each year. As with people, it’s really important that our pets have regular dental check ups to make sure their mouths are healthy. Dental disease can be extremely painful, but did you also know that it can also lead to heart and kidney problems? Extra reason to make sure your pet’s mouth is in tip top condition! We recommend pet dental checks at least once a year, and include these as part of a vet health check during our annual booster appointments. Feel free to take advantage of our free dental check nurse clinics too!

Dental disease occurs when plaque build up in the mouth leads to the formation of tartar which then goes on to adversely affect teeth, gum condition and even tooth roots. There are lots of triggers for dental disease, from diet and tooth mis-alignment (over-cramming can cause food to become trapped between teeth) to a lack of a dental care routine at home, bacterial build up in the mouth, trauma and even a genetic predisposition to dental disease. You can see an example of tartar build up in the photo, in addition to sore gums and gum recession which will be associated with root decay.

Dental problems can be difficult for owners to spot as our furry friends can be very good at hiding discomfort. Indeed, many will continue to eat even if their mouths are sore, so be vigilant! Typical signs your pet may be struggling include bad breath, drooling, taking longer to eat, avoiding dry food in favour of softer wet food, only chewing on one side of the mouth, rejecting food completely, losing weight and a change in temperament.

If you notice any of these signs, please give us a ring on 01922 411755 to arrange to bring your pet in to see us. We all know how painful dental issues can be!

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Published: 2, Feb, 2022