Mind the heat!

Summer is here! Lovely to be out in the sunshine and to feel those warm rays, but time to be more mindful about walking our four legged friends, as heat stroke can be a real risk. Signs of heatstroke are excessive panting, extreme salivation, distress and collapse. If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms, please contact a vet immediately as without intervention, heatstroke can be fatal. While you wait to see the vet, ensure your dog is in shade. You can wring cool wet towels over him or her, making sure the water you’re using is cool and not cold as cold water could send your dog into shock. Don’t wrap damp towels around your dog as this prevents evaporation and cooling and can make the situation worse.

Prevention is best! Walk dogs first thing in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler. Avoid excessive exercise, like lots of ball or frisbee chasing, and take water with you so your dog can hydrate during your walk. Woodland walks are great at this time of year as the tree canopy provides natural shade.

And don’t forget it can get hot at home too! Dogs should never be shut in a conservatory (or in a car) for any length of time as they can overheat frighteningly quickly. Ambient, well ventilated, shadey spots are best with fresh water on hand.

Keep canines cool this summer!

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Published: 23, Jul, 2019