Missing sock located!

This is adorable 4 month old puppy Mollie who came in to see us this week as her owner was worried she may have eaten something she shouldn’t have.

Mollie had been exceptionally interested in the laundry, and that evening her owner noticed there was a sock missing from the pile. Whilst the Staffie was bright and playful next morning and ate up all her breakfast, Mollie’s owner couldn’t help worrying that she may have eaten the missing sock. And on examination, we discovered Mollie’s owner was absolutely right!

We could definitely feel an obstruction in the puppy’s tummy. As Mollie hadn’t passed anything, we decided to make her sick to remove the offending item of clothing as the only other option would be surgery. Fortunately for Mollie the missing sock appeared!

Mollie was an incredibly sweet patient and a joy to nurse. We loved having her in practice but hope that next time we see her it’s just for a routine appointment!

Categories: News
Published: 3, Jun, 2020