National Pet Month Top Tip Number 3…


How many of you recognised our Head Nurse Nicky in this photo? She is illustrating National Pet Month’s top tip number 3 for responsible pet ownership, which is:

Provide a nutritious and well-balanced diet

Good nutrition means good health! Getting diet wrong can not only lead to obesity and associated health issues, but also serious illness.

Do research what your pet should be eating, and make sure the daily calorie allowance and balance of nutrients are just right. Using scales to measure out pet food will help with accuracy. Remember to factor in treats, or any ‘extras’ into your pet’s daily allowance and adjust their food accordingly.

Bear in mind your pet’s requirements will change after neutering and with age: their recommended daily calorie allowance will drop.

Pop along to one of our free nurse-led weight management clinics for best advice.

Consider …

If using commercial pet food as part of your rabbit’s diet, choose a pelleted diet rather than a muesli mix to ensure your rabbit is getting a balanced meal – and not just picking out the bits they like best!

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Published: 12, Apr, 2016