National Pet Month: Top Tip number 7


It’s our Practice Manager’s turn to get all dressed up! Here she’s illustrating National Pet Month’s top tip number 7 for responsible pet ownership:

Prevent unwanted litters and neuter your pet when appropriate.

If you are not planning on having babies from your pet, neutering has lots of advantages in addition to preventing unwanted litters, including being potentially life-saving! i) It prevents certain cancers and reduces the risk of others ii) It can calm and even stop antisocial behaviour (aggression, urge to mate, being territorial, spraying in male cats) iii) It stops false pregnancies in bitches which can be distressing for both bitch and owner iv) In male cats, it reduces their urge to roam and fight which means they are less likely to contract infected wounds or FIV from cat bites, or be knocked down by a car in their search for a mate.

Did you know…

The British Veterinary Association recommends that pet cats be neutered from 16 weeks, in line with the policy statement of the Cat Group. The Cat Group is made up of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and various cat organisations including Cats Protection. (Source:

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Published: 26, Apr, 2016