National Pet Month: top tip number 8


Here’s Jo dressed up as one very smart and well groomed Dalmatian, who has definitely taken note of National Pet Month’s top tip number 8 for responsible pet ownership:

Groom your pet regularly

Grooming your pet is a basic welfare requirement. Keeping long coats clean and mat-free is much more comfortable for your pet, and will stop them worrying away at their fur. Coats that become matted and uncared for can cause skin to become irritated and angry, and sores can develop.

In rabbits, the area around their bottom should be checked twice daily in warmer months as they are at risk of fly strike. This is where flies, attracted to faeces and urine, lay eggs on the rabbit’s skin. These hatch and the maggots feed off the rabbit’s flesh. As well as being incredibly distressing, it can cause extensive damage and any rabbit presenting with symptoms should be brought into the vets immediately.

Did you know…

If shampooing your dog, we recommend using a dog shampoo – our skin has a different ph to that of dogs so human shampoos may cause irritation to your dog’s skin.

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Published: 28, Apr, 2016