Naughty nibbling!

This is poor Ruby, who was feeling very sorry for herself after treatment for eating a handful of chocolate raisins. Whilst the quantity of chocolate she ate was very small and unlikely to have affected her, any quantity of raisins (or sultanas, currants or grapes) can be potentially poisonous to dogs. The toxic dose varies from dog to dog. Whilst some dogs may not be adversely affected, others can become seriously ill after only a very small amount. Ingestion can lead to gut issues and in serious cases, very sadly, kidney failure and even death.

Ruby’s mum brought her straight down which meant we were able to make Ruby sick so that she could get rid of any potential toxins before her body had had time to digest them.

Beware of inquisitive noses sniffing out unfriendly doggy snacks! If you are worried that your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t, use the interactive poisons guide on our website or give us a call on 01922 411755 to check.

Categories: News
Published: 31, Aug, 2021