New car park underway!

We’re really excited, as this week sees the start of the building of a new dedicated staff car park at 387 Vets. We’re aware that it can be difficult to get a parking space in our car park at busy times, so creating this new parking area means all 13 spaces in our current car park can be dedicated to client parking only.

The new staff car park is being built on the waste ground to the right of the current entrance. The land’s already been strimmed, today the fence panels are coming down, and tomorrow, a tree surgeon will be taking down the large fir whilst the cherry tree in the photo will remain.

We’re especially pleased to welcome our builders Lee and Tom Dakin back on site. Lee has been involved in the structural development of the practice since before we opened back in 2007! Thank you for our delicious breakfast sandwiches this morning too!

Categories: News
Published: 7, Feb, 2020