New laser therapy at 387 Vets

We’re delighted to offer a brand new laser service at 387 Vets. This is an effective way of treating a whole range of physical conditions and ailments including:

– Wound healing
– Pain management
– Persistent infections
– Inflammatory conditions

Laser therapy is particularly useful for reducing inflammation and pain in arthritic joints, to help lame pets with better mobility and pain relief. It improves post-op recovery time in fractures and supports fracture repair, so pet patients can get back to normality more quickly. And we’re increasingly using laser therapy to support and speed up the healing of wounds and injuries, both straightforward and where the road to recovery looks more challenging. 

So many pets could benefit from laser therapy! 

Call us on 01922 411755 to find out how we can help yours.

Categories: News
Published: 25, Mar, 2019