New ‘pen’ for safe and speedy wart removal

Warts and small benign growths can be unsightly and irritating, and can cause pets to bite and scratch at them, even to the point where they bleed.

387 Vets have just invested in a portable cryo-surgery device called a Cryopen to remove small external warts and cysts really easily. The Cryopen freezes and kills the localised area being treated, and the warts and cysts simply drop off, usually within a couple of weeks.

Cryo-surgery is far preferable to putting pets under general anaesthetic for the same outcome. Anaesthesia carries its own risks, so avoidance and being able to carry out a conscious procedure is much safer – and quicker!

We’re really excited about being able to offer this service, and have been delighted with the results so far. Below is a photo of our patient Sally who received cryo-surgery on her upper eyelid for a cyst. The photo was taken a month after treatment, and you can barely see a scar! Amazing!

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Categories: News
Published: 30, Jan, 2019