New solution for diabetic cats

A big shout out to Fred who is our first cat to try a new treatment for diabetes that removes the need to inject. Seven year old Fred is our Registered Veterinary Nurse Paige’s cat, and was diagnosed with diabetes in January. He had been drinking and peeing more, the quality of his coat had changed and he just didn’t seem himself.

Traditionally, diabetic cats usually need a twice-daily injection of insulin to keep blood glucose at an acceptable level, with daily glucose checks carried out and monitored by the owner. However, totally coincidentally, the day after Fred’s diagnosis, our team received training on a new diabetic oral liquid medication designed to eliminate the need to inject. Given that Fred isn’t a very tolerant patient, Paige decided to test him out on the new treatment.

Being in liquid form, it’s a once a day treatment that can be added to food, although, as you can see from the photo, Fred is very happy to take direct his meds direct from the syringe! Progress is monitored via in-house urine testing, clinical observation and external blood testing. Fred had a blood test at one month and three months after starting treatment and is doing so well, he’ll revert to 6 monthly blood tests unless his condition changes. So as well as no injecting, there’s no daily glucose checking required.

Paige noticed positive improvement within 10 days of Fred starting this new medication. He’s now back to normal eating, drinking and weeing patterns, his coat is lovely and luxurious again and he is just like his old self!

Do get in touch with us on 01922 411755 if you’d like more information, or if you think your cat may be diabetic. Fred has proven that treatment doesn’t have to be an issue for either of you!

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Published: 15, May, 2024