New vet joins the 387 team

Graduating in Veterinary Medicine this summer from Bristol University after five years in training, Sam Layland joins us as our new veterinary surgeon at 387 Vets. Sam may look familiar to many of you, even if you haven’t been into practice since he started with us at the beginning of August: Sam has been a regular student visitor over the years, and after a decade of work experience visits here and more recently, observational and practical placements as part of his degree, we’re delighted to welcome Sam as a fully fledged member of the 387 team! 

Sam has always had a passion for small animal work, being inspired to become a vet after seeing the dramatic recovery of a gravely ill dog on work experience, and the change from anxiety and grief in the owner to relief and joy. Whilst his knowledge and practical experience also covers mixed animal practice and includes working on a dairy farm on a gap year and 6 seasons of lambing, Sam feels companion animal work in small animal practice plays to his strengths, providing the opportunity to develop his medical and surgical interests and make a significant difference to owners and their animals. 

And how is he finding his new role so far? 

“It’s challenging, but equally exciting and rewarding. I’m really loving meeting clients and their pets.”