New year fireworks

We hope you and your pets have had a lovely Christmas. Hard to believe it will be 2023 on Sunday! With new year approaching, here are some tips to help pets cope with any new year fireworks parties you may have near you:

Walk dogs early and make sure pets are indoors before it gets dark. Lock cat flaps to ensure cats don’t head back outside, and have litter trays handy. Take dogs out for a last toilet well before the clock chimes midnight and remember that some people may be celebrating early.

Rabbits can be brought in to sheds or garages to muffle sound, but nowhere too warm as they will suffer when they go back outside. Put carpet or blankets over hutches (leaving a peep hole) to help block out sound and light. Deep bedding gives rabbits somewhere to hide and toys may offer a distraction.

Pets like having a safe place they can go when anxious. You can set up a dog den in your living room – choose somewhere where they will have company. Make a den out of a dog crate, the sides draped with towels or a duvet and the den itself filled with familiar smelling bedding, toys and even a chew treat. You can even create a hiding space using a towel draped over the back of the sofa like a canopy, with your canine companion’s bed underneath. Set this up a few days beforehand. And on the night, have the radio or TV on to muffle bangs and close curtains to block out sound and light. Cats generally prefer to be able to go off and hide, so make sure they have access to all their favourite spots.

Be guided by your pet’s behaviour – if cuddling relaxes them, great, but equally, it’s important to leave them be if they prefer to go off and hide. Be patient if your pets vocalise or pace, and remain calm as pets can pick up on our own anxieties. It’s important to remember that anxious pets are just working out the best way to cope.

If you would like any further advice, please give us a ring on 01922 411755.

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Published: 28, Dec, 2022