Pet Eye Health Awareness Week

It’s Pet Eye Health Awareness Week! This photo is of our February 2020 Pet of the Month, Harry, who had a tiny foreign body lodged inside the cornea of his eye. You can clearly see the puncture wound where the foreign body was extracted, and the thorn itself lying on the surface of the cornea having been removed. Ouch! Harry’s owners had brought him in as they had noticed he had become subdued and his eye looked inflamed and sore.

It’s not always as easy to spot if your pet has an eye issue and they can be very good at hiding pain. Here are some signs to look out for that can indicate your pet’s eyes might not be in the best of condition, and that you need to see a vet:

  • Excessive tear production or discharge
  • Rubbing or frequent blinking
  • Dullness, cloudiness or a colour change in the eye
  • Asymmetry – both eyes should look the same
  • Inflammation, swelling, soreness or redness
  • Bumping in to things or seeming confused (could be vision loss)

Spotting signs early is important as eye conditions can deteriorate quickly and become much harder to treat. In addition, some eye issues are indicators that your pet has an underlying health condition. Don’t delay getting warning signs checked out!

Categories: News
Published: 21, Sep, 2020