Pets need dental check ups too!

Model of a cat’s mouth

Model of a dog’s mouth

It’s nearly half term! Which is normally a great time for catching up with family dental appointments. Don’t forget to include your pets!

Did you know that four out of five dogs over the age of three have signs of gum disease?* And that over 70% of cats over the age of 5 suffer from a painful condition that causes holes in their teeth?** AND that gum disease is the most common health issue in cats?***

Come to 387 Vets this half term and take advantage of our free nurse-led pet dental clinics. There are goodie bags, while stocks last, for all attending pets.

In your 15 minute appointment, we’ll check your pet’s teeth and mouth to make sure it’s all healthy, and we’ll advise on best dental care. If there are any issues, we’ll talk you through options to help your pet get back to having a healthy mouth again, and we’ll give you strategies to keep your pet’s mouth healthy too.

Gum disease and dental disease can be hard to spot, and your pet may be suffering in silence.

Regular dental check ups are a great way to ensure your pet’s mouth is healthy, so they can eat, play and enjoy life to the full.

Give us a call today to book your free pet dental check up!

*Kortegaard et al (2008)
** International Cat Care
*** Whiskas
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Published: 16, Feb, 2018