Prompt action saves pooch!

Poor Hera came in to see us as an emergency this week. Rat bait was being put down near Hera’s house and unfortunately Hera managed to scrabble and reach the bait and ate a small amount. She was spotted immediately by the workmen, her mum brought her straight down and we made Hera sick to expel the bait from her digestive system as rat bait is understandably extremely poisonous. Thanks to such prompt action, Hera was well enough to go home shortly after admission, although she was still looking very sorry for herself in this photo!

If you suspect your pet has eaten something poisonous, it’s really important that you contact a vet immediately. As Hera’s mum did, it’s also really helpful if you have the packaging of the substance the pet has eaten to hand or if you’re able to tell us exactly what it is so that we can review the ingredients and administer most appropriate treatment.

Categories: News
Published: 21, Apr, 2023