Relief for sore ears!

This month we’ve seen not just one but three dogs for a total ear canal removal in one of their ears. The procedure is used to put an end to long-standing ear infections that cause constant pain and distress and can’t be resolved with medication. In this pre-op photo of our ear patient from last week, you can see infection in the form of pus seeping out of their ear canal. Poor pup!

The official term for ear canal removal is total ear canal ablation lateral bulla osteotomy (TECA-LBO) and involves removal of infected tissue as well as extraction of a section of the bony middle ear to prevent any infection becoming trapped inside the ear drum and causing further problems.

The feeling on recovery post op must be amazing! No more infection, no more pain, and no further need for constant medication as some dogs will have been on treatment for months, even years.

We’re delighted to have helped these three patients get back to the very important job of being totally in love with life!

Categories: News
Published: 28, Jul, 2020